To Streamline or not to Streamline… that is the question

Today we’ve been asking ourselves the question: is it better to provide customers with a smaller range of products and for those to sell well, or is it more benficial to have a wider range of products, offering more variety and a greater choice?

It could be argued that the more products you have on your website, the better… however we are now of the opinion that it is perhaps in everyone’s interest (the company and the customer) to have a more select range of products. Minimising choice and therefore confusion is possibly a good thing for some online retailers, as when faced with a decision between 5 items, the customer may become bemused about which has the greatest benefits. If the customer has a choice of 2, surely the choice becomes easier, saving the customer time and offering a more pleasant shopping experience.

A good example is of Personalised Gift Ideas, which has a wide range of Children’s Money Boxes. We have just found out from our suppliers that some of these money boxes may be ‘discontinued’ in the coming months. We could view this news in 2 ways:

a) The news is very disappointing, as our money boxes are a great addition to our website and do sell very well in several categories

b) Take the positive from the situation: We are now able to streamline our range of Personalised Children’s Money Boxes and offer our customers a more select range of the money boxes.

Instead of having an extensive range of money boxes for our customers to search through, we will be offering a range of the most popular money boxes, making the online shopping decision making process far easier for our website visitors.

Do you agree with our opinions on this topic? Is offering a more select range far better than having a wide choice available? Or do you think that the more you offer, the more chance you have of encouraging website visitors to buy, therefore converting?

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